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To encourage children to become independent learners whilst at the same time learning to work collaboratively.

To develop in children an awareness and consideration for other people’s needs and rights, an understanding of the world in which we live and a concern for the environment.

To develop a sense of each person’s own worth and a responsibility for one’s own behaviour.

To celebrate cultural, racial, linguistic and religious diversity among individuals and actively promote equality of opportunity.

To ensure that children have full and equal access through a variety of approaches to a broad based curriculum that includes a wide range of practical experiences enabling them to take their place in the world and society in an informed, positive and active way.

The school’s philosophy is to see education not only as a preparation for life but as a way of life and an overall vision of what is possible. We regard education as an important partnership between home and school and look forward to fostering close links with you so that your child feels secure in the knowledge that we are working together for his or her well being.

We also believe in involving children in decision making about school life and their environment an opportunity is given through the School Council which has pupil representatives for each year group.