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DB Primary

DB Primary


DB Primary is a safe, intuitive and friendly online environment designed to engage and educate the next generation of learners.


At Crane Park, we want to make the children independent learners and communicators and therefore we use DB Primary to extend learning beyond the classroom.

Children are provided with their unique username and password to log-on and access activities and are assigned tasks outside of school. If you have mislaid this information please contact the school office for another copy. It is tablet friendly so why not have a go when you are out and about.

  • Digital Literacy

Dedicated key stage themes provide a progressive experience and allow children to acquire the knowledge and skills to become digitally literate.

  • School Communication

The whole school can share, collaborate and communicate. The intuitive communication tools bring pupils, teachers, governors and parents together.

  • E-Safety Features

DB primary delivers critical e-safety concepts within a safe, closed online environment and prepares pupils for the digital world. Moderation, profanity filtering and a closed email system are just some of the features available to keep pupils safe. DB Primary also provide a whistle feature allowing children to instantly report anything that upsets them.


  • Primary Resources

The extensive resource bank includes interactive whiteboard tools, differentiated pupil activities, lesson plans, guidance and much more.


Anytime Learning / Extend learning beyond the classroom with online homework, activities for independent learning and continued access to all features of the learning platform.