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Computing at Crane Park has been adapted to match the new National Curriculum. Each year group is following the same termly theme but the progression of objectives are developed as you go up through the school, as well as the skills that are expected for each year group.


The focus for each term, taken from the new National curriculum is:

Autumn 1 – E-safety
Autumn 2 – Computing
Spring 1 – E-safety (linked to National E-safety day)
Spring 2 – Digital literacy & data
Summer 1 – Computing
Summer 2 – Information Technology
Although E-safety is focused on at two points in the year, it is always addressed and revisited within ICT lessons as it is a very important factor of working online. This means that the children are constantly discussing and developing their knowledge of how to use the internet safely and responsibly.


At Crane Park we have a range of ICT products in school which the children can all access and are very confident in using both in Key Stage 1 and 2. Through using the computers in the ICT suite as well as iPods or iPads in the classroom, the children are building confidence in using these different devices and are able to support one another when struggling to do something. Due to the variety of ICT products in the school, teachers are able to develop these skills within other lessons and so it is not just being taught weekly but the children are being given the exposure to ICT within many different subjects. This helps them to understand the important role it plays in everyday life.