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Crane Park Primary School

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At Crane Park we want to enable the children to see that physical education provides a way to promote moral, social and cultural development. We endeavour to provide opportunities for our children to develop their talents in P.E. through a balanced and well structured programme.
P.E. is a practical subject, which gives all children, irrespective of age and gender, opportunities for participation, enjoyment and success.
 We aim to teach children to:
Enjoy and be committed to P.E. and study it with a sense of achievement in and out of school.
Have the confidence to get involved in P.E. and sport.
Know and understand what they are trying to achieve.
Have opportunities to be creative, competitive and face up to challenges as individuals, in groups or as part of teams.
Show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their own abilities.
Understand that P.E. and sport are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle.
Understand the value of physical education across the curriculum.
Develop key skills of communication and working with others.
Develop physical skilfulness, physical development and a knowledge of the human body in action.
During the course of their time at Crane Park Primary the children will have the opportunity to compete in many of the organised competitive events within the Borough, e.g. girls’ and boys’ football matches, netball competitions, cross country, athletics and cricket tournaments.