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Crane Park Primary School

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At Crane Park we ensure that our school is a safe place for children, staff and visitors. In order to do this we have many safety measures in place and they are as listed below:


Staff must wear ID badges at all times
Visitors, volunteers, supply teachers and Governors must sign in and out and wear a badge at all times
Ensure that fire exit doors are securely closed, only used in an emergency and never propped open.
Only staff should know the key codes for the exterior doors and must ensure these remain confidential
Windows and doors should be closed when leaving the mobile classrooms to ensure the security of items e.g. laptops, computers and valuable teaching equipment.
Integris must not be left open when not in use.
Personal information related to children must be password protected when being emailed or taken off site electronically
Staff must use only their LGFL email for matters related to work, personal email accounts must not be used as they are not safe
Staff must use encrypted data sticks for transporting documents between home and school.
High fences surround the school
Doors to outside are locked high up out of children’s reach
Barriers are present at both gates and access will only be granted by a member of office staff by pressing a button when satisfied with how the visitors are.