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Healthy Eating

School Lunch Menu 




School Lunch


Reception and KS1

 All children in Reception and KS1 are entitled to a daily free school meal. We have our own innovative kitchen which provides exciting nutritious meals meaning that 98% of children take up this opportunity. It is highly recommended. The children are part of a range of exciting opportunities to lead on devising creative, healthy menus. They are supported by staff and parents to make healthy life benefitting choices. Our dining halls operate using a family service system which enables the children to serve themselves whilst sitting at their tables. An ideal time for lifelong social skills to be acquired.

KS2 - Our nutritious school meals are available by order from the school office who will inform you of current prices. Payment is via our online Tucasi system. Some children qualify for free meals; forms are available at the office and all claims are treated in the strictest confidence. If you think you are eligible please do not hesitate to ask. 

If you prefer your child to bring a packed lunch please ensure that it is nutritionally balanced and does not contain sweets, fizzy drinks or glass containers. We also request that children do not drink directly from bottles so a plastic cup or straw should also be included.

Milk is available to children and the cost will be advised each term. Children having free school meals are eligible for free milk. Children in Key Stage 1 are given a piece of fruit every day. Children may bring in a healthy snack for their morning break.



We are one of Hounslow’s Healthy schools and we operate a policy of healthy snacks. Children can bring in a snack to eat at playtime but please make sure it is either: A piece of fruit or healthy cereal bar.


Crisps and chocolate are not allowed for morning snack. We allow children to bring in the occassional weekly treat. We do not expect to see chocolate and crisps on a daily basis. Please support us to ensure that your children benefit from a healthy diet.


Please remember that cereal bars often contain more sugar than chocolate bars, so please check the ingredients before deciding to send your child in with one - they vary considerably by brand. Also, cereal bars should not contain chocolate chips.