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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


The governing body is a group of volunteers elected by parents and staff or nominated by the local authority. We work with the headteacher to decide on the strategic direction of the school, how the budget is spent and raising standards in all areas of school life. We do this so that the children have the best education that they possibly can have.

The full Governing Body meets twice a term. We have 3 committees (Teaching & Learning, Finance & Premises, Staffing & Pay) which meet once or twice a term each and we sometimes set up working parties to develop particular ideas or in response to particular issues.

If you would like to contact me or the governing body at any time then this can be done through the school office or please say hello when you see us around the school.


Rev Victoria Davidson - Chair of Governors

The role of the governing body

Recent legislation has widened the responsibilities of school governors, but broadly governing bodies oversee the work of the school and make sure it provides a good quality education for its pupils.


Working in partnership with the head and other staff, governors are involved in:


  • setting the school's aims and policies;
  • improving standards of teaching and achievement;
  • setting the school's budget plan and monitoring expenditure;
  • interviewing and appointing teachers and support staff;
  • acting as a link between the local community and the school;
  • dealing with complaints about the school;
  • drawing up an action plan after an inspection, and monitoring the success of the plan


Crane Park Governors:


Co-opted governors

Rev Victoria Davidson - Chair of Governors

Mr Colin Smith

Mr Kamran Ahmad

Mrs Renu Sudera

Ms Saba Rafiq


Parents Governors

Mr Avass Malik - Vice Chairperson

Mrs Habiba Khan



Ms Alison Small - Headteacher

Miss Isabel Tayler 


Governors-Stepped Down

Mr Alex Pett- Stepped down as Governor October 2018

Miss Lyn Wilson-Stepped down as Governor December 2019

Mr Daryl Boxall - Stepped down as Governor December 2017

Mrs Claire Parkin - Stepped down as Governor December 2016

Mrs Meenu Dubey - Stepped down as Governor May 2016

Mrs Wendy Hughes - Stepped down as Governor February 2016

Ms Val Blackwell - Stepped down as Governor July 2019

Mrs Rupinder Dhonoa - Stepped down as Governor September 2017

Mrs Folu Odu - Stepped down as Governor September 2017



Mrs Satbir Sidhu - Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Tania Clements - School Business Manager

Mrs Sarah Dubey-James - Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Lindsey Woolford-Assistant School Business Manager

Crane Park Governors

Crane Park Governors 1 Victoria Davidson - Chair of Governors
Crane Park Governors 2 Saba Rafiq - Parent Governor
Crane Park Governors 3 Alison Small - Headteacher
Crane Park Governors 4 Isabel Tayler - Staff Governor
Crane Park Governors 5 Renu Sudera - Co-opted Governor
Crane Park Governors 6 Habiba Khan - Parent Governor
Crane Park Governors 7 Avass Malik - Parent Governor
Crane Park Governors 8 Colin Smith - Co-opted Governor